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The accessibility of the application is truly amazing. Verified users simply need to go to their messaging app and interact with StrongHodl. It's very fast and intuitive!

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COBALT - ₿itcoin & cryptos [Public]

Channel about news and analysis of important updates on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Managed by Julien Mbony (ValeoX) in partnership with Cobalt Investment.

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Everything About BITCOIN

Do you want to understand the fundamentals behind Bitcoin and why it's the #1 cryptocurrency today? Follow this advanced course that will benefit you when it comes to investing and trading 'digital gold.'

The content is 100% in French, suitable for beginners and intermediate users.

Advance Course

Ethereum, cryptos & DeFi

Do you want to understand the dynamics of the cryptocurrency ecosystem with the aim of trading or exploring various innovations? Follow this advanced course to navigate this constantly evolving field safely.

The content is 100% in French, suitable for beginners and intermediate users.



Personalized BTC Services 📞

1-on-1 personalized exchange services done by phone, chat and Telegram Chatbot

Best Rates & Transparency

Rates are known upfront and there is no slippage on price execution

Highest Privacy & Security

Our client’s interests is our top priority that's why we offer institutional grade privacy and security

Seamless Execution For large transactions

Payments are submitted for settlement on the same business day

How It Works


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Fill the contact form or Open Account (see the menu)


Onboarding Process

After the KYC verification, communications and trades are done in a secure messaging app (Telegram)


Quotes Confirmation

Live quotes are provided instantly upon request


Complete Transaction

Bitcoin purchases are quickly delivered to your wallet and funds from sales are processed on the same day.


ValeoX is a Quebec city based enterprise founded by three Bitcoin pioneers in 2019. We are renowned for facilitating large crypto transactions and our top tier customers have access to personalized services.

In a world where everything is moving towards automation, both the human approach and customer service are becoming rare and priceless. Bitcoin has only been around for 14 years and even though the crypto ecosystem is evolving very quickly, unfortunately it's still the "Wild West".

With ValeoX's First Class Services, newcomers have the opportunity to be guided by pioneers in the field, so that their first experience in crypto goes smoothly and safely.

Turnkey Services:

• Buy and sell Bitcoin or cryptos (large transactions);
• Assistance for setting up self-custody wallets to secure your assets (ValeoX does not keep funds or crypto on behalf of customers);
• Advice on the safest practices to adopt in the Bitcoin ecosystem;
• Technical support available by phone and chat 7 days a week.

• High net worth individuals
• Institutions / Family offices / Investment Funds / Corporations
• Crypto Mining Farms

ValeoX is registered with the FINTRAC (#M19600702) and Revenu Quebec (#11992) as a Money Service Business dealing in virtual currencies.

No. For large transactions, communications and trades are done ''offline''in a group chat on Telegram. This ensures no price slippage, eliminates any involvement of third-party exchanges, and eliminates any risk of your online account being compromised. In addition, our verified clients can utilize a Telegram Chatbot that offers an unique experience for conducting smalle transactions at any time during the day.

No. ValeoX is a non-custodial platform. Bitcoins / funds are immediately sent to the user's wallet / bank account when a transaction is completed. Furthermore, we strongly advise our customers to keep their bitcoin holdings in cold storage.

Not Your Keys, Not Your Bitcoin!

For requests that involve crypto transactions, ValeoX charges only a fee to convert BTC to CAD and vice versa. This fee varies depending on the amount being transacted and the prime services are all included.

For requests that do not involve any crypto transaction, ValeoX charges an hourly rate that varies according to the complexity of the needs.

All Canadians individuals and corporations must go through KYC verification process before conducting their first transaction. We only deal with 18 years + individuals and registered corporations operating in Canada.

Once the KYC form is completed and that everything is in order, the verification process takes up to an hour. Once verified, users can initiate trades immediately.


Alexandre S.

The service offered by Valeo-X is courteous, efficient and exceptionally fast. No pressure is put on the client and all all the questions I had were answered. I have to point out that I was new to this and Valeo-X made sure I never felt stupid when asking questions. I strongly recommend Valeo-X to anyone wanting to get into crypto.

Michael B.

J'ai eu un super de bon service avec valeoX, ils ont répondu à toutes les questions avant l'achat. J'ai seulement du positif à dire!! Merci à l'équipe

Antoine B.

J'ai eu la chance de faire affaire avec ValeoX à plusieurs reprises depuis 2020. Ça toujours été rapide, transparent et efficace. Je recommande dont

Francois L.

J'ai transigé 2 fois du BTC pour un ami avec Julien ce fut très rapide. Julien est très professionnel et courtois. Les frais sont très raisonnable et moindre que sur certaines des plateformes les plus populaire. Je les recommandes pour tous.

Ga Coch

Very fast and reliable, mutual trust, fast turnaround times, reasonable fees. I have been using this site for two years now and the team has continued to improve services. I recommend Valeox.

Keith C.

Fast responses to both phone and email. Good clear exact instructions. Showed lots of patience, I'm a nooby< which I really appreciator. Transfer was quick and seemless. A much appreciated follow up the next day. Thanks, I would actually give them 3 thumbs up

Lauriane U.

Great service, quick response time and secure. Definitely would recommend.

Didier N.

User friendly bot facile à utiliser et la transaction se fait rapidement. Les frais de transactions sont abordables. Je recommande ValeoX

Marie U.

Great service, it’s quick to do a transaction. Clear agreement. I would recommend!